Hamilton House


  • This house is not lacking in inspiration, the arts and crafts movement is evident throughout this Old English style house designed by Robert Hamilton in 1926. It was obvious from the beginning that our scheme needed to respect and celebrate these features. Our brief was to bring together the existing house with a new extension at the rear with sensitivity and grace.

    Internally the existing house has been treated with a light touch. Internal spaces were dark to begin with, dominated by dark woodwork. A single colour scheme was adopted where all woodwork and walls are painted dark. Flashes of colour and light are provided in the light fittings, furnishing and mirror infill wall panels.

    The new extension neither seeks to replicate the existing house, or standout from it. A new living and dining wing wraps around the site allowing the living areas to have a north aspect. A raked ceiling over serves to draw in a more diffuse south light from a densely planted courtyard. Reclaimed terra cotta roof tiles to the contemporary form of the extension reference the roof of the existing house. Contemporary styled metal framed dorma windows punctuate the rear of the existing house.

    A subtle pallet of materials features throughout, painted oak veneer walls and joinery pick up on the existing woodwork, a textured ceramic tile used over the fireplace picks up on the ornamental brickwork, while cabinetry and windows are framed in thin profile steel all picking up on the existing intricate metalwork.


    David Neil, Will Phung


    TCM Building group


    Struct Plan, Simone Serle Design (Soft Furnishings)


    Hilary Bradford