Butterfly House



  • Staff

    David Neil, Tanti Azman, Will Phung, Daniel Riddell




    Struct Plan, Eckersley Garden Architecture


    Tom Blachford



  • Butterfly House is the re-imagining of a double storey Victorian-era villa. A thoroughly contemporary single level pavilion standing as a distinct counterpoint has been inserted into the garden. The pavilion has been designed to embrace its surrounding garden setting and provide contemporary light-filled living spaces.

    Butterfly House diverges from the conventional through its unique spatial planning and its insistence on including the surrounding gardens as an essential part of the internal experience. The pavilion is freed from the historical precedent of the existing villa through its independence. This allows a greater level of architectural freedom in terms of its resulting physical expression. Finely crafted butterfly columns push the boundaries of material exploration, the result of the builders fastidious proto-typing. The pavilion and the villa exist harmoniously together within the landscape, yet with their own unique experience.